Choir Resources February 2019:

Homing – lyrics

I’m a believer – lyrics

Suddenly Love is Here – lyrics

Suddenly Love is Here – Y5 Alto:

Suddenly Love is Here – Orchestra Backing

Suddenly Love is Here – Y4 & Y6 Soprano

I’m a Believer Backing Track

Homing Track

Curriculum Music

Music is an important part of school life. We often find it easier to learn through songs, sounds and rhythms and music forms an integral part of our Collective Worship. We also teach music as a discrete subject in its own right which in itself has lots of benefits for our pupils.



We teach the inter-related dimensions of music  through a variety of different genres: pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, structure, texture and notation.  We aim to give children an appreciation of music history and musical influences. As well as singing, we encourage children to try out instruments within their classroom lessons and hope some will go on to take up an instrument with the excellent peripatetic teachers we have access to through the East Sussex Music Hub and other contacts.

Music boosts pupil and social development. It improves learning and builds life skills, fostering team working. Music underpins better behaviour as it supports self discipline and encourages creativity. Music is fun; music is for life and, crucially, music is for everyone!

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