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10ticks is a fun way to improve mental maths recall for children of all ages.  Fluent number facts build confidence and will support children’s progress.

Guidance for parents and carers

Children in KS1 will have a username and password provided by the school. 

When younger children first log in they will find it helpful to have an adult help them to navigate around the website.  They should start by designing their own Avastar and choosing a colour scheme.  They can then try some of the activities and later on view their results and collect awards.

Activities to explore

1. Practice - Practice questions on the topic here.

2. Beat the Clock - tests how many questions your child can answer in 60 seconds.

3. Perfect Ten - tests how quickly your child can answer 10 questions correctly in a row.  If they get a question wrong, they have to start again.

4. Play my Class - compete against classmates in a 60 second ‘Beat the Clock’ activity.

5. Play Worldwide - compete against children from all over the world in a 60 second ‘Beat the Clock’ activity up to 12 x 12.

6. Timed Test - Answer 25 questions each with a 6 second time limit.

7. My Results - your child can discover areas that need to improvement.

8.  Avastar - your child can see how they are doing in card format, and use it in a Top Trumps type game.

9. Games - play some 10ticks retro games.

10. The drop down menu on the left hand side enables your child change your topic.