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Preparation for Year 6 SATs

Thank you to all our parents who were able to attend our SATs’ meeting with guidance on how best to support your child in achieving their potential in their upcoming SATs.

Year 6 SATs presentation

Year 6 SATs handout

Maths SATs problems explained - questions with video tutorials

Support Materials:

SATs’ papers from previous years

Maths with a Mouse - Satsy Revision

Practice maths questions by topic

SPaG Interactive Practice - Rollama

Corbett Maths - This website is fantastic as it has videos to talk children through each area of maths. They can use this to watch again and again if needed. There are also questions (as well as the answers) if children would like to have some extra practise.

Maths Arithmetic- This website produces questions that can be completed online, is self-marking and then when finished will show you areas to work on by clicking the QLA (Question Level Analysis). By clicking NEW, it will make a new set of questions each time. This is brilliant!

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) Knowledge Organiser