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Mnaida Primary School

PaWS is partnered with Mnaida Primary School in Tanzania. This link supports our work in improving our children’s knowledge and understanding of other cultures, the wider world and their own role as global citizens. At PaWs we encourage all our pupils to take an active part in creating a healthy world.

Mnaida Primary School was opened in 2014. There are 540 children aged 4 to 13 at the school with 11 teachers working under the leadership of the head teacher - Mr Isack Bundala. The school has its own farm thanks to EdUKaid. They grow vegetables to feed the children and fruit to sell.

Life in Mtwara

Mnaida Primary School is in the the Mtwara coastal region of Tanzania. It is very rural and very poor. Most families in Mtwara are subsistence farmers with very little or no cash income. Most children live in mud huts or shacks with their extended family - sometimes 10 people in 2 rooms.

Education in Tanzania

Schools are often overcrowded and under resourced with up to 200 children in a classroom. Girls and children living with a disability, in particular, struggle to access an education because of negative attitudes. Less than 50% of children complete primary education and only 1 in 10 finish their secondary education.