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Drop off and Collection

New arrangements from September 2021

In developing this plan, we have considered:

  • Prioritising the safeguarding of our pupils in handing over children to a parent/carer ensuring clear lines of sight.
  • Minimising the need for parents/cares to wait around in school, especially those with siblings.
  • Building on the unavoidable procedures used in 2020/21 due to the pandemic and the feedback from staff and parents.
  • Balancing the need to reduce the length of time taken for drop off and collection with the number of people both in school and on the high street at a busy time.
  • The need to return to a single entrance/exit point.  The school only has vehicular access to the school via the pathway to the reception area.  We have been able to use the entrance during the pandemic thanks to the goodwill of our neighbours.
Drop off and collection times

Drop off and collection procedures

Please  click here to view our letter detailing the changes to our start and end of day procedures.