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Drop off and Collection

The drop off and collection arrangements at PaWS take into consideration:
  • Prioritising the safeguarding of our pupils in handing over children to a parent/carer ensuring clear lines of sight.
  • Minimising the need for parents/cares to wait around in school, especially those with siblings.
  • Balancing the need to reduce the length of time taken for drop off and collection with the number of people both in school and on the High Street at a busy time.
  • The limitations of a single entrance/exit point.  The school only has vehicular access to the school via the pathway to the reception area. 
Drop off and collection times

Drop off procedures
  • Enter the school via the alleyway next to the church keeping to the left hand side.  The school gate is open to pupils from 8.30am and is closed promptly at 8.45am leaving a window of time for children to arrive.
  • Following parent feedback, children (except those in Early Years) should be dropped off by parents at the edge of the playground.  Not having to wait with their child on the playground reduces the length of time cars need to be parked near to the school and parents/carers have reported it is easier for other commitments they may have. 
  • Older pupils may come onto site without an adult.
  • Early Years parents should wait with their children in front of the the Little Castle Nursery building where staff will come and collect the children at 8.45am.
  • Any messages for the start of the day can be emailed to the school office – and copied to your child’s teacher.  
Collection procedures
  • Ensuring all of our children are handed to their adult safely at a very busy time is essential.
  • The gates will open at 2.50pm to allow access to the school site.
  • Children in Early Years will be handed to Parents/Carers at 3.05pm where they were dropped off in the morning in front of the old school building.
  • Years 1 to 3 will be dismissed from the main playground at 3.00pm.  This will allow time to collect any siblings in Early Years afterwards.
  • Years 4 to 6 will be dismissed at 3.05pm.  Please collect any younger siblings from Early Years first.
  • Children will have a marked out space on the playground to stand as a class.  Parents/Carers are asked to queue in class lines.  Signage is in place so that you know where to stand.
  • Teachers will hand over the correct children to the adult at the front of the line. 
  • Once handed over to an adult, it is the adult’s responsibility to supervise their child.  
  • Children should not be using the play equipment at this time.

  • Where you have siblings in Years 1 to 3 or Years 4 to 6, please collect your youngest child first and then move to the next class line.
  • If you are a parent of children in Year 6 and feel your child is responsible enough to either walk home alone or meet you off site, please indicate through your permissions on Arbor.  Parents in Year 5 may also wish to give permission for their child to walk home which the school will consider on a case by case basis.  The school may remove this privilege for a child if there are concerns around their suitability to leave the school site safely and respectfully to our wider community.  
  • Parents need to alert the office if a non-regular adult is collecting their child and update this information on Arbor if this is an ongoing arrangement.  If an adult does not appear on an approved list or staff are unsure, adults will need to wait until confirmation is received from school office. 
  • These procedures ensure as quick as possible end of the day routine however we will always prioritise making sure children are handed over safely - this means that when it is raining, we will all get wet.