Learning Knights

At Pevensey and Westham School we aim to help the children to become independent learners. We believe that the children can excel in all areas of the curriculum by developing their learning skills. To help the children achieve this, we use our Learning Knights!

Each Learning Knight teaches the children a key skill which will help them to take responsibility for their learning and to overcome any barriers and challenges to their progress and achievement. The Learning Knights are:

Rodney ResilienceRodney Resilience

  • I don’t give up.
  • I don’t mind being wrong.
  • I have another go.
  • I don’t get distracted.

Rhianna RelationshipsRhianna Relationships

  • I listen carefully.
  • I ask for help.
  • I help others.
  • I’m a good team player.

Rita resourceful

Rita Resourceful

  • I am independent.
  • I use displays.
  • I use resources.
  • I use books.

Ralph reflective

Ralph Reflective

  • I check my work.
  • I learn from mistakes.
  • I challenge myself.
  • I set my own targets.

The perfect learner will embody all four of these knights and we have recently appointed our Learning Knight Leaders as part of our pupil leadership roles to help us to support all of the children in our school to become excellent learners!

Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Terminology

Download your child’s year group grammar sheet here:

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Pupils are set homework on My Maths, if your child doesn’t know their log in details, or are having difficulty logging in please speak to the class teacher.

my maths

The numeracy passport information is available to view here.






Useful websites

Here are some websites you may find useful in supporting your child’s learning:

bbc bitesize                 Dyslexia Awareness   

Educational games

Woodlands school resources

Primary Resources

Teaching Packs

KS2 SATs video