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Online Safety Ambassadors

Hello - we are the Online Safety Ambassadors for PaWS. We are a group of  pupils across Key Stage 2 and it is our responsibility to keep everyone up-to-date about everything to do with keeping safe online.

Year 3

"My online safety tip is don't share pictures with people you don't know." "My online safety tip is to only go online with people you know."

Year 4

  "My online safety tip is that if you see something scary or improper online to tell an adult."

Year 5

"My online safety tip is to never share your password. Also, don't tell people you don't know your address or what school you go to." "My online safety tip is to never share personal information with strangers."

Year 6

"My online safely tip is not to send rude or inappropriate videos or texts, and always think before you send." "My online safety tip is not to spend too much time on apps as you can get addicted to them."

It is our job to:

•To learn about online safety.

•To share our experiences, and our classmates experiences, of using technology (e.g. surveys, sharing concerns).

•To help adults to know what challenges we face online – smart phones and social media did not exist when most of the PaWS teachers were children!

•To teach our school community about online safety (e.g. worships, posters, school website).

•To help PaWS improve computing around the school.

Games and activities:

EY and KS1


Internet Legends

At PaWS, all children agree to be safe online:

Early Years and KS1 Agreement

KS2 Agreement