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Our Learning Knights

At Pevensey and Westham School we aim to help the children become independent learners. We believe that the children can excel in all areas of the curriculum by developing their learning skills. To help them achieve this, we use our Learning Knights!

Each Learning Knight teaches the children a key skill which will help them to take responsibility for their learning. They can learn to overcome any barriers and challenges to their progress and achievement. 

Rodney Resilience

  • I don’t give up.
  • I don’t mind being wrong.
  • I have another go.
  • I don’t get distracted.

Rhianna Relationships

  • I listen carefully.
  • I ask for help and help other people.
  • I’m a good team player.
  • I stand up for others.

Rita Resourceful

  • I am independent.
  • I use books, display and resources.
  • I like tackling tricky problems.
  • I have creative ideas.

Ralph Reflective

  • I check my work.
  • I learn from mistakes.
  • I ask lots of questions.
  • I think about my future.

The perfect learner will embody all four of these knights. Our Learning Knight Leaders are pupils who have leadership roles. They help us to support all the children in our school to become excellent learners!